Waabi Introduces Latest Software Entry Into Self-Driving Truck Category

Self Driving Autonomous Truck

Self-driving autonomous trucks are in the spotlight as of late, and truck startup Waabi has recently announced its newest product, Waabi Driver. The company claims that Waabi Driver will provide an AI-first approach to solving problems with current autonomous trucking attempts as Waabi Driver pulls data from a variety of sources to incorporate into its driving simulator. From there, Waabi Driver learns through artificial intelligence so that it can pilot trucks through a variety of over-the-road situations and conditions in the real world.


Connecting Software to Hardware

Waabi Driver also features connectivity to the brand’s own hardware, allowing carriers and manufacturers to incorporate the Waabi Driver software into a variety of trucks at the OEM level. Computer hardware and autonomous sensors take care of much of the actual tracking that occurs while a truck is in operation, and the Waabi Driver software handles the decision-making that allows for autonomous operation.


Simplifying Software Training

In a traditional setup, AI-powered autonomous trucking software that helps a machine “learn” how to navigate must receive data from countless miles of real-world driving. Waabi’s solution to this is Waabi World, a driving simulator that can feed the equivalent of millions of miles of data into Waabi Driver. This reduces the need to manually code changes, accelerating learning and allowing safer autonomous truck navigation.

This approach also allows Waabi Driver to generate instructions for areas that a truck has never been driven through. Traditional approaches to autonomous truck design and support have required that a truck and driver actually traverse an area to gather data to be used to program self-driving capabilities. Waabi Driver removes this condition since it can model different scenarios and road conditions based on data gathered from other sources. This ultimately provides greater versatility for both the autonomous driving software and the motor carriers that utilize it.


About Waabi

Truck startup Waabi was founded in 2021, but company members have a history dating back many years in computer science and autonomous vehicle software development. Members of Waabi have worked with brands like Uber, and the Waabi team is made up of industry professionals with backgrounds in trucking, computer science, and logistics.


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