Operation Safe Driver Week

Scheduled for July 10th through the 16th of 2022, Operation Safe Driver Week is set to commence across highways throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. During this week-long period, law enforcement will be stepping up efforts on the road to enforce speeding laws, monitor for unsafe driving behavior, and issue citations for violations. This may mean an increased law enforcement presence on highways, but it may also mean additional roadside monitoring will be taking place.

What is Operation Safe Driver?

Operation Safe Driver was created by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in response to the growing numbers of fatalities on North American roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 39,000 traffic fatalities occurred on America’s roadways in 2020, many of which involved speeding. This is despite a reduction in traffic due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as an overall reduction in traffic accidents during 2020.

The aim of Operation Safe Driver is to cite drivers for dangerous behavior behind the wheel, but the program also intends to serve as a warning that law enforcement is aware of risky behaviors on the road. Some behaviors law enforcement will be looking out for include speeding and distracted driving. Officials who will be citing drivers will not discriminate in what types of vehicles will be under scrutiny as both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles will be equally monitored during the period of stepped-up enforcement.

What This Means for Trucking Professionals

While professional drivers need to be aware of their behavior on the road at all times as a matter of course, drivers should use extra caution during Operation Safe Driver Week. This period serves as an opportunity to set an example for passenger vehicles as well as other commercial drivers, but it also provides a branding opportunity for trucking companies. Practicing safe driving habits can bring positive attention to a company, and this may lead to positive branding opportunities in the future.

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