Brake Service for Winter

As Winter approaches, now is the time to get your fleet in order to handle the cold temps.

You probably already know that winter weather can damage even the toughest trucks, but what you might be missing is that delays caused by trucks that need repair can really hurt your bottom line.


Trucking Info recently tackled this topic, focusing specifically on brake systems and winter weather. The publication notes that, according to Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial Vehicle Group, “…some problem areas I see mentioned frequently are the air compressor discharge line, reservoir draining functionality, air dryers and any other system that helps keep water and ice out of the air system”. Schell also points out that having a maintenance plan in place is the key before winter strikes, but maintenance techs also need to recognize that one maintenance plan might not be right for all brake systems across various manufacturers.

Trucking Info also points out that this carries over to the inspection process. Different systems experience wear on different points within the brake system, and driving conditions in service areas can be varied as well. This means that your techs need to not only know manufacturer recommendations for the brake components on your fleet, but they also need to know the environment in which the fleet operates.

Armed with this information, techs can diagnose and repair problems more quickly, allowing drivers to get back on the road to service customers. It would also be wise to brush up on the latest safety and inspection procedures for your state or for the states in which your fleet operates. Even if a rig is running in top shape, it still needs to meet the standards and requirements under the law to pass inspection and avoid penalties and fees for your drivers and your company.