4 Things Every Beginning Truck Driver Should Keep in Mind


When you start a new career as a truck driver, you’re being put in charge of a very expensive vehicle along with costly cargo. Traffic accidents and damaged freight cost trucking companies a lot of money. In fact, according to an article in Heavy Duty Trucking, “…most fleets have zero tolerance for unsafe driving practices…”(February 10, 2020). Check out four valuable things to remember as you start your truck driving career.

1. A CDL is Just the First Step

Getting your CDL means you passed the test with the basic skills needed for this qualification. But, any seasoned truck driver will tell you, it’s your experience on the road that makes you a skillful driver.

2. Maintain a Professional Mindset

When you’re in your own car you may have rolled through a couple stop signs or exceeded the speed limit. However, when you’re on the job in a commercial vehicle filled with cargo, it’s best to click into a strictly professional mindset before turning the key.

3. Use Safe Practices at All Times

Whether a highway is crowded with cars or empty, it’s important to practice safe driving. Pushing stop lights and speeding are ‘little cheats’ that can get a professional truck driver into serious trouble.

4. Driving Performance is Monitored

Most commercial trucks are monitored remotely by a safety officer with telematics reports. So, even if you think you’re getting away with the ‘little cheats’ mentioned above, remember you’re always on record.